15 Jul MFR Photo Shoot

It started with an alarm going off at 3.30am to be at the market for a 4am open. A quick cuppa and shower and a drive across town saw me there as one of the first customers of the morning in the pitch black.. Trucks still loading in and out with farm fresh flowers and me having to navigate through the forklifts without getting runover. The excitement of doing my first flower buy well exceeded the fact that it was 4am and Pitch Black…. I was delighted with the range of stunning flowers I could choose from. It was christmas day for me! A double decker trolley was soon filled with all my favourite picks..

All loaded into the flower 4wd. Filled to the brim actually, and we were headed home again…. time check 6am…. Once home it all came out of the car, and placed in my work area… covering the whole lounge room floor I snapped a few photos to remember it by and got working. Every bunch had to be cut and plastic wrap taken off and placed into water. My hands could not wait to get stuck into and creating my bouquets and arrangements that would be soon exhibited on the website..

A whole day of creating and it was complete! Bunches, small and large, pretty and unusual, modern and bold. I had a great mix to showcase… I gave myself a buffer day to make sure there weren’t any hiccups and to allow some of the flowers to move a little and open up like the roses and lilies..

Thursday arrived and it was Shoot day! My model and friend Patch from @yogapatch came along at 7 to help me get the flowers all wrapped to perfection and packed into the car before heading off for hair and makeup @meccacosmetica she looked like a perfect grecian goddess! We headed up to Carlton to an old warehouse to do the shoot. We used Tash from @bytashcraven who comes so highly recommended by everyone that uses her. Myself included.. The shoot was better than I dreamed of… Between the flowers, the model, the venue and photographer it all came together like a dream!!

We spent 3 hours shooting away at all the beauty in the room and then we were done… An Instagram competition was the perfect way to give away all the amazing flowers to residents of Melbourne..  Dreaming of my next shoot now…