Tao Tonics

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-Gua Sha Set $59.95

-Chocolate Yang ~ Jar 130g $35

-Chocolate Yang ~ Pouch 150g $30

-QI Caf ~12 Herbal Tea bags  $25

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Gua Sha Set-
Beautifully crafted rose quartz Gua Sha sets now available online. Traditionally used in TMC to promote blood flow and collagen production, these magical tools will help keep your face fresh and vibrant.
Chocolate Yang-
This uplifting chocolate elixer offers a morning or afternoon pick me up for extra stimulation, stamina and a little power boost. We recommend stirring in your favorite plant based milk and adding a dash of organic honey or rice malt syrup for a little sweetness.
The ancient art of herbalism has weaved its way through the centuries from ancient China, India and Mayan cultures to provide us with the manuscripts of herbal wisdom that we have access to today.
For thousands of years, tonics and potions have been used as medicine. An organic mechanism provided so perfectly by the universe as a way of encouraging the body back into a state of harmony. Out of the hundreds of plants that are used in Chinese Medicine, I have selected some of the most potent to craft a delicious range of herbal tonics that you can enjoy everyday. My aim is to empower people to take control of their own health and wellbeing. Knowledge, connection and determination is powerful. 
Made in Geelong, VIC