St Matcha – Wakana Organic Matcha

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St Matcha –

WAKANA MATCHA POWDER 90g (Superior Culinary Grade)

Bright green, superior culinary grade matcha powder from Fukuoka, Japan. Perfect for making matcha latte, smoothie, baking and for adding to any breakfast recipes.




St Matcha’s organic matcha powder is made from high quality green tea leaves from Japan’s most renown tea growing regions of Kyoto, Kagoshima and Fukuoka. With up to 137x the antioxidant powder of green tea and a bold, earthy flavour and aroma, our organic matcha powder is perfect for making matcha latte and matcha tea, for baking and for adding to smoothie, non-bake snacks and a variety of breakfast dishes. Click on the links below to explore or buy our organic matcha powder 🙂